Oklahoma Homeschool Volleyball
    In the spring of 1994, a few groups of homeschooled teenagers who had been playing volleyball socially were invited to Diane Taylor’s homeschool P.E. class. They played once a week for a month. The following fall, the group of kids from Eastern Oklahoma County (EOC) began practicing as a team once a week with Sharon Stricklin as their coach and Gwen Kelly as assistant coach. The first homeschool co-ed volleyball club in central Oklahoma was formed.

By 1998, there were four homeschool clubs: EOC, Shawnee,North OKC, and Lawton. That year EOC hosted the first official league tournament; for the next few years, the different clubs took turns hosting the tournament. But in 2000 the clubs had grown so much that the tournament was moved to the Lighthouse in north Oklahoma City with a five-week pool play and a two-day tournament.

In 2001, a Norman volleyball club was formed and joined the league. Many thanks go to Sharon Stricklin, Sally Williamson, and Lianne Growe for hosting the tournaments at the Lighthouse.

In 2005, the Norman Club hosted a six-week league play at various churches with OU volleyball players as the officials.

In 2006, Lana Horner volunteered to serve as tournament director, and league games were moved to the Norman Optimist Club, and a new club from Ada joined the league. The league has been a huge success at the Norman Optimist Club, and its five volleyball courts have become the “hub” for the regional homeschool co-ed volleyball clubs.

In 2008, the league consisted of 200 players on twenty-six teams from six different clubs.

In 2010, league added all gender teams as well as the co-ed teams.

In 2011, the league games move to Crosspointe Community Center as the "hub" of the regional games, with two very nice wood courts and wonderful facilities for all the families to enjoy.

By 2012, Sharon Sticklin stepped out of helping with league and is missed greatly but we do still get to see her at the games! Thank you Sharon for all your wonderful help with league! You were and still are a blessing to OKHVL.

In 2013, Tami Elliott became along side Lana Horner to help coordinate league.

In 2015, there are still just over 200 players from all over the state that continue to participate in league game

Lana Horner strives to run the league by biblical principles according to 1 Corinthians 10:31:“…whatever you do, do to the glory of God.” She thanks the Lord for the opportunity she has had to serve the families and students of the homeschooling community. Sharon Stricklin has continued to be a major part of the league, helping to shape it into what it is today.

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